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For a long time I would often beat myself up for things I could not change, instead of embracing my power. Now that I am in a position to share with others how to live a confident life in their personal, career and/or business it is my mission to assist other women in their journey. The great Maya Angelou says, "When you learn teach, when you get give." 


We often avoid asking ourselves tough questions, because all to often we're scared of not knowing the answer or simply afraid of the answers. I challenge you today to ask yourself the tough questions...What is my next move? What am I dreaming about that wakes me up nightly? What is my conscience telling me to move on, but I keep standing still because I insist on believing I'm not ready yet? My question to you is: how long will you be ok with saying "Now Is not the time?" 


I stopped by to encourage you because I know what it feels like to be in a space of Fear, Disbelief, and lack of confidence. Three years ago, I took the JUMP and said YES to me in the midst of my uncertainty and doubt. I started planting, watering and embracing the overflow that God poured into my life because of my willingness to say YES even though I was afraid. 


Now is the time for you to go after things you can't even imagine. I'm a testament, "God can DREAM a bigger dream than you can ever dream for yourself!"

If you're ready to make the shift and put “you” first join me for my Unstoppable Woman Mentor Program #onthemove. 

Inside the Mentor Program, I share proven strategies that will assist you in catapulting your personal, business and financial life to the next level.

Today is the day to remove the limiting boundaries you have placed on your life and declare...

I am ready to overcome and conquer my self-sabotaging fear 

I am ready to travel to the unknown to discover my greatness 

I am ready to say yes to my next level with confidence and clarity 

I am ready to show up in my power 

"I Am Ready!" 

The Unstoppable Woman Mentor Program #onthemove

offers a plethora of valuable teachings and resources…


VIP access to a private Facebook group where all teachings, videos and resources are stored


Exclusive access to a monthly "Up Close & Personal" live teachings with me every first Monday of the month on various topics


Exclusive access to a monthly "Ask Me Anything" live coaching session with me every third Monday of the month


Pop-Up Guest Expert sessions from a tribe of unstoppable leaders 


Pop-up teachings and check-ins inside the Facebook group 


Share the Wealth - resources, books, articles, video clips, and much more...

I Encourage you to go for it and I will be right there supporting you! 

Don't keep it a secret bring along a sister-friend so you can both grow together.

I have one final question for you "Are you ready to make the shift?"

If you answered Yes...

If you are ready for an unstoppable experience...

I look forward to partnering with you

Here's What Some Of The Unstoppable Women Mentee's Are Saying...

Rochelle Andrews

Minister / Non-Profit Guru

Jacqueline Turnbo

CEO Vision Concepts, LLC

Joanna D Samuel

CEO Add A Touch Boutique

Kyonna Brown

Jacqueline Shaw

Here's What Some Of The Unstoppable Women Mentee's Are Saying...

Angela Tyler

It has truly been an amazing experience being part of the Unstoppable Women Mentorship Group. Over a period of time received powerful professional direction, guidance and strategic steps. Which pushed me forward in order to be successful in speaking and creating the brand for my business. The networking of my powerful unstoppable sisters from state to state showed me sisterhood, friendship and love. My confidence and belief in myself grew at a rapid pace moving me from a place of uncertainty to purpose. Regina is an excellent leader who execute strategy with a plan and no room for excuses.

Shuyinthia Farley-Hembry 

Being a part of the Unstoppable Woman Mentoring Group has truly enriched my life. I've learned so much from Regina and my Unstoppable Woman Sisters. New friendships were formed immediately and it's been a joy to have the energy, honesty and camaraderie within one group. The support is incredible!!! When I've needed advice, prayer or just simply a "Hello", I could always depend on someone replying within our private Facebook group with a positive word of encouragement. 


As a business owner, I've blossomed and pushed through obstacles by just participating. Regina created a wonderful platform of activities to help us "come out of our shells" and it's been a blessing. I have a sisterhood of powerful women who help me push toward my true purpose and discover ways to be more confident. Our monthly and weekly group activities have assisted me in setting higher goals to upgrade my thinking and abilities. From hosting a video presentation on toxic relationships, getting weekly tips from Regina's "Ask Me Anything" segments to attending a wonderfully arranged and fun-filled weekend retreat just for us - all of my experiences have been amazing!


During our retreat, we met up with our accountability partners, had awesome eye-opening workshops where we wrote and presented letters to our younger selves, learned the importance of pushing past our fears, received individual game-changing "Goal Mapping" sessions from Regina and even did a professional photo shoot with pictures to enhance my portfolio! Ms. Robinson truly puts her all into helping us succeed.


Words can't truly expressed all that this program has done for me, but God knows it's been an amazing asset in my life and spirit! 

Tiwana Carlton

I’m thankful that Regina Robinson birthed the Unstoppable Woman Mentor Program. I had been searching for a Coach, Mentor, Confidant and much more. Before joining the Unstoppable Woman program, I was an Entrepreneur with no systems in order just wondering through the game of entrepreneurship. Joining forces with Regina the support and advisement she provides has helped me to create day-to-day operations within my business and personal life. Regina has created a platform that not only provides training, but a space for women to collaborate and support one another. The Unstoppable Woman mentor program is a platform that allows some amazing women to come together and form a bond of sisterhood. I must say I have truly grown in my personal life, spiritual life and business life. Regina is a “THROAT” puncher, she pushes you to become the “Unstoppable Woman- On The Move” God has destined for you to be. 

Shantel Humble-Powell

Since my journey with Regina Robinson no day is ever the same. She is constantly growing, changing, and always full of surprises to me. Regina is a woman who is honest, real, dedicated, passionate, and committed to helping you find your passion and follow through with it. She has that ability to really listen and to get to the root of what you are trying to say. I have battled with unhealthy thoughts about myself for years. My biggest struggle is not showing up as my “True Self.” For years I walk around with layers of fear and insecurities and ideas/thoughts about what I should be for other people. I felt stuck mentally, but the teaching/wisdom and support Regina gives us through the Unstoppable Woman #onthemove mentor program has helped me take those tools and resources and grow into the fearless women I was born to be. I am also learning to let go of my fear of judgment. Trust me...I am not at all where I want to be but I thank God I am much better than what I use to be. Every chance Regina gets she reminds us of the power, potential, and possibilities we have within us. She not only teaches and inspires you, but she also challenges you to Rise above the challenges and Win! Always giving you reasons to never give up on yourself. I am honored and privileged to be apart of what Regina is doing through the Unstoppable Women mentor program. It's a beautiful experience to be surrounded by such an inspiring and diverse group of women who desires nothing but the best for you. She Is The Real Deal Y'all...

Evelena Suber

As a mentee of Regina Robinson's Unstoppable Woman on the Move, let me first say the sisterhood is remarkable. There is nothing but love and support in the group. Regina has created a space where you have access to many treasures for living both professionally and personally. No matter the platform, no matter your outreach, Regina meets you there and provides you with tools to succeed in birthing and maximizing your gift. She gives us love (including that straight up tough love), because she truly wants us to win. I started the mentor program during a season of uncertainty and "tiny" confidence, but the combination of Regina's direction, along with the gifts of the other Unstoppable Women, has encouraged me to speak up, step out, be bold, and take care of me. The Unstoppable Woman on the move mentorship has really opened my eyes to things that I previously never considered. I am now confidently using my voice and allowing my light to shine.

Rochelle Andrews

"While Regina could just be a great success on her own, she has created a space and place to help those of us that are great but maybe do not see it in ourselves or know how to release it. I am an example, and while still a work in progress, Regina gives us the tools and the guidance and encouragement to be great! It is not an overnight process and I appreciate that she never tries to imply such. But she lovingly and with toughness and discipline works to make sure that the God given voice and gifts within us are released. I am great at helping others, but terrible at helping myself. I am thankful to have found Regina and the Unstoppable Woman program, because I am finally becoming me, and this helps our community at large. I am grateful she said let me go back and help others be great as well!"

Jacqueline Turnbo

"Where do I begin…from the very first time I heard Regina Robinson, I knew there was something in her that would help draw out boldness in me. Her passion rejuvenated me. Being in her mentorship program has changed my life. Regina’s commitment supersedes my expectations as a mentor. Not only is she my mentor, she’s my sister in Christ and friend. God truly has blessed Regina with a powerful message that will provoke women to not only unlock their inner confidence but also unmute their voice and live authentically. Her Unstoppable Woman On The Move Mentorship Program will definitely impact you. Thank you Regina Robinson for all you do!"

Inside the Ultimate Unstoppable Woman Mentor Program,

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As I travel the world meeting women the common denominator we all share is that we are battling with overcoming the past hurt, pain and disappointment in our lives. As women we are succumbed by the fear of failing, feeling overwhelmed with how to balance life, and falsely hiding within the confinement of depression. 


I can connect! I was once standing in that same space. For years I was living a life I did not love. In fact, I was miserable on the inside while smiling on the outside. Running a successful business full-time for over nine years, I believed I was playing all out in my business. What I quickly realized was that I had built a strong foundation for my business, but the most important piece to my foundation was crumbling – Me!


I would wake up daily hiding in the confinements behind my closed blinds. Hiding from the light. Why? I knew the light meant I had to face the reality that I was depressed, I did not love myself, and I lacked confidence. However, when I showed up you could not tell. I had learned how to mask the pain I was feeling.


I realized I had to stop building my business and start building me. I cried out to God to create in me a clean heart. God took me through a purging season in my life. It was not easy. In fact it hurt; however, it was the most amazing experience I ever encountered. Why? God allowed me to get to know me. He taught me how to love me. He reminded me that I was more than enough. The biggest revelation in my journey was when I realized I was just like the woman in the bible with the issue of blood. For 12 years I had carried shame, disappointment, pain and so much more, but with one touch from God, I was made whole. Glory to God!


For so long I had dimmed my lights so that I would not outshine others. Today, I no longer show up as who everyone else desires me to be; I show up as the Unstoppable Woman God has destined me to be. Every chance I get I shout from the rooftop how great my God is.

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